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China Pr

Nystamps PR China FDC First Day Cover stamp collection


PR China Stamps, MNH, Scott # 563-566, 26th World Table Tennis Championship




PR China Sc 796-798 1964 C106 15th Anniversary of PRC block of 9 MNH


PR China 1964 Sc 782 S61M Peonies M/S MNH


PR China 1967 Red Culture Mao W1 Sc #943-947 full set CTO block of 2


PR China Stamps 1963 C99 Sc#711-712,27th World Table Tennis Championships. MNH.


PR China W10 Latest Instructions by Chairman Mao full set CTO not hinged


PR China W7 Poems of Chairman Mao full set used


China PR 100 First Day Covers FDC Lot - Unaddressed - From the 2000s PRC


China C4NE Inauguration of PR China full set of 4, original, VF used


PR China 1974 T4 Scott 1194-98 Daqing Red Banner MNH OG VF


PR China 1967 Red Culture Mao W1 Sc #943-947 full set CTO with margins


PR China stamp 1966 SC# 920-8f-Athletes Holding Portrait of Mao


PR China 1958 C46 Sc# 345-46, 140th Birthday of Karl Marx , MLH. NGAI. Scv$52.00


PR China 1955 C34 Sc#267-268, 85th Birthday of V.I.Lenin, MNH. NGAI. Scv$53.00


PR China 1977 J15 Sc#1333-36,Learning from Daqing in Industry. MNH. O.Gum.


PR China 1963 S59 Sc#708-10,Giant Pandas, CTO. NH. O.Gum.


PR China 1958 C49 Sc#349-50,Congress of Intl Women's Federation, MLH. NGAI.


PR China 1962 C94-3 Mei Lanfang CTO SC#622


PR China - 1974 N82-85, Scott 1190-93 Barefoot doctor MNH OG VF


PR China 1980 T44 Selected Paintings of Qi Baishi MNH SC#1957-73


PR China 1951 S1 Sc#117-121 National Emblem, MLH. NGAI. Reprints.


PR China 1957 Pictorial Cover w/printed stamp (Jilin-USSR), rare


PR China 1962 C94-4 Mei Lanfang CTO SC#623


PR China 1975 43f Wushu (Kung-Fu) Martial Arts stamp SC# 1227


PR China Cultural Revolution 1969 Sc#1016-8 ,MNH. NGAI.


PR CHINA STAMP #1111 MINT NH cat.$125.00


PR China 1950s philatelistic item (stamps on Xu Beihong folder front)


PR China 1957 C40 China-made Motor Truck First Put into Use MNH SC#311-312